The Summer I Stopped Being A Camp Counselor

Remember that summer I stopped being a camp counselor? No? Me either, but next year I will, because it’s happening RIGHT NOW.

News flash! I spend every waking, breathing moment with my children. Every moment. They are my world, my dream come true, my goals accomplished. That was (and still is) my dream job, to be a full time mom. Guess what my dream job wasn’t? Camp counselor. I had no grand illusions of planning daily itineraries, filling every day with crafts and sing-a-longs and squooshy mooshy mumbo jumbo. When did I decide that summer meant that I had to DOUBLE my work load, just so the kids could have fun?

This year, that insanity stops. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about making memories. But not the kind that cost 18 million dollars. This year we are making….wait for it….organic memories. You know, the ones that happen by themselves, without being forced, that they actually remember (and that we actually enjoy). Like the summers I spent running around the neighborhood with my friends, scraping myself up and, gasp, getting into trouble. Like bike rides with my dad, and learning how to dive off the diving board at the local pool. I got a few sun burns and eaten alive by mosquitoes and it was AWESOME.

So here is my plan to not-plan this summer. We got a pool membership and we’re hitting the $1 movies one day a week. The rest of our summer will consist of playing in the backyard and doing other stuff if we feel like it. Goals people. They can easily be accomplished by aiming low. But seriously women-of-the-world (and dads and grandparents and anyone else in charge of kiddos this summer), CHILLAX. You got this. Teach them how to put on their own sunscreen, make their own lunches and leave them alone. If they need something from you, they will find you, probably while you are in the bathroom. If there is something they really want to do, they will ask.

Grab a few good books, some toe nail polish, a tube sunscreen and let’s get this party started!

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