March is my FAVORITE month, new clothes for the kiddos and MORE! #ImagineSpring #IC #sponsored


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Fun fact about me: March is my favorite month! Why? Because my birthday, my son’s birthday and our wedding anniversary all fall during this glorious month. But my absolute favorite part? The fact that March marks the beginning of the warmer season here in snowy Colorado. You can just bet that come March, people will be getting their lawns ready for summer and dusting (or brushing snow off of) their barbecues.


With every change of the seasons comes the laborious task of sorting through everyone’s clothes and determining what stays and what goes. This is usually the time that I realize at least one of my children has had an insane growth spurt over the last few months. Wow, that explains a lot about their behavior this winter…

We do a lot of thrift stores and hand-me-downs to refill the drawers, but there is just such joy and fun in picking out at least one BRAND NEW outfit at the onset of every season. This year, we took the kiddos to OshKosh B’Gosh to shop their new spring line in order to add some color to their wardrobe. As usual, my girls had a blast trying stuff on in the dressing room and my son enjoyed playing with the Lego table while I shopped for him.

This is not our first trip to OshKosh B’Gosh, we have purchased lots of clothes here before, mainly for three reasons:

1) The clothes last a long time, both during play and in the washer/dryer

2) Clothing is modest (very important to us!) but still fun and “cool” (very important to them!)

3) Doesn’t break the bank!

All in all we spent right around $100 and left with 2 complete girlie outfits, including shoes, a set of pajamas and some pants for the boy, plus a bundle of colorful hair ties. If I has shopped just the clearance racks I would have come home with bags full, they always have such great sales, but I promised the girls they could pick anything they wanted within reason. I still feel like we did a great job, and I know that the clothes will be around for a long time! They were so thrilled and have each worn their new outfits for 2 says straight (ew gross, I know!).

Koshkosh JoshKosh Coshkosh Coshkosh2

On top of the quality clothing and great prices, we also earned $10 back for spending at least $50. I will be going back this week to redeem my reward dollars! There are some FABULOUS spring sales going on at OshKosh B’Gosh right now, so snag this coupon and locate the nearest store and get to shopping. Hurry! Go now! And show me what you get :)


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