Transform Your Relationship With Your Children with Childproof Parenting from Melissa Benaroya



I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a webinar with the very talented Melissa Benaroya, and I REALLY enjoyed what she had to say. It is refreshing to hear a parenting expert admit that we ALL have struggles with our children! She talked about so many scenarios that I can relate with — was she watching me in real life?!? I am here to HIGHLY recommend her brand new course: Childproof Parenting.

Childproof Parenting is a self-paced six-week, online parenting program that will give you empirically proven, actionable help to transform your relationship with your child and home life… without the time and cost of a private coach or therapist.

Melissa has spent thousands of hours working with children and families from all walks of life. She is both a Certified Positive Discipline Educator and Certified Gottman Educator in addition to being a licensed therapist. Her teaching is practical, proven, and if you put in the time and do the work … transformative.

This program is for you if you want to:

* End conflict, avoid power struggles & stop nagging

* Learn to parent without fear, confusion or anxiety

* Create a stronger relationship with your child

* Respond calmly with clarity and intention

* Reduce crying, whining and tantrums



The Childproof Parenting course for parents of toddlers & preschoolers is designed to help you develop a parenting plan that builds your confidence, allows for more ease and fun at home, while inviting your child’s cooperation.

You will learn the tools and information needed to avoid and handle any parenting challenge. 

The program includes simple tools and techniques, video lessons and trainings, a workbook and worksheets, handy tips, live calls and an online community to keep you inspired and motivated.

In the Childproof Parenting Course, You Will:

  • Learn new ways to strengthen relationships with self, child, and partner
  • Gain insight into how your child learns and what they need at this stage
  • Learn behavior management strategies that invite cooperation
  • Aquire new tools to end conflict, avoid power struggles and stop nagging & yelling
  • Begin to parent without fear, confusion or anxiety
  • Feel confident about YOUR parenting choices!

What other parents have said who have taken the course:

“After reflecting on the values we would like to nurture in our children during our class, Melissa then asked us to make a list of all the things our children do that drive us crazy. And as we stared at that frightening list, Melissa shared something I will never forget: “In each of these upsetting behaviors is an opportunity to nurture those values.”Melissa is uniquely skilled at helping parents find solutions to the many challenges of raising children while always keeping that bigger picture in mind.
Blake, Father to Gemma

“I found this course late at night, struggling to juggle between family, 2 girls under 5 and community responsibilities. The course has changed the way I experience myself as a partner, mother and parenting. I gained confidence in my parenting that played a crucial part in raising children with empathy, self awareness and compassion.” -Anat, mother of Liel 6, Naomi 22 months

“Melissa’s course made our family a calmer, happier, more fun place to be. The principles were easy to grasp, but it was the practical, real-world approach that was transformative. I learned some simple, step-by-step techniques that changed my parenting, and was delighted at the immediate improvement in my kids’ behavior! I felt confident about how to approach any parenting situation – setting boundaries became straightforward, leaving our family with the energy to focus on the fun part of having two energetic preschoolers!” -Gillian, mother of 2 preschoolers

“When I signed up for Melissa’s course I was in a bad place. I was not taking care of myself and I needed to learn how to do that better. Her course taught me that in order for me to be my best-happiest self, I need to make myself a priority. One year later I have made myself more of a priority. As a result, I am a happier person, wife, and mother. ” -Karen, mother of a preschooler

Interested or just want more info? You can find out more here!

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