10 {Inexpensive} Ways To Pamper Yourself At Home

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We all have busy schedules and tight pocket books. With a half hour and some household items, we can all have a relaxing spa moment!

1. Massage – If you can’t afford the time and money that it takes to have a professional massage, have no fear, you can give yourself a great at home massage! Some olive oil and a few drops of lavendar essential oil (available at most pharmacies) works as a great massage oil. Use these tips to give yourself a relaxing foot massage during nap time, lunch time, whenever!

2. Body Scrub – With summer rapidly approaching, it is time to get that skin soft and glowing! Try this recipe for body/face scrub that not only has a soothing aroma, but can be used in the shower for a quick pick-me-up!

3. Hair Mask – Do you have olive oil and honey in your pantry? Yah, me too! I LOVE this concoction for a super inexpensive and amazing hair mask. Think VO5 hot oil, only au natural!

4. Epsom Salt – This stuff is just so versatile and readily available, I just HAD to include it on the list. It can be used as an exfoliant, bath crystals, facial scrub, etc. Check it out!

Woman Soaking Her Feet5. Pedicure – Wouldn’t it be great to be at the spa, eyes closed, mid-pedicure? Screeeeech! Ok, back to reality. Give yourself a few minutes at the end of the day and do the following:

~ Soak feet in hot water with a few drops of essential oils (lavendar or orange work well)

~ Scrub with a pumice stone after they have soaked for about 10 minutes

~ Apply fun summer color (my new fave is pastel purple)

~ Apply moisturizer and socks

6. Manicure – All you need is Scotch tape and nail polish to create super fun designs on your nails! Check out these ideas for inspiration. Not the DIY type? Just pick up some nail stickers from your local super store and slap ‘em on your painted nails!

Woman relaxes in a marble tiled bath tub.7. Aromatherapy Bath – You can almost always find at least a small selection of essential oils at your local pharmacy. Just ask! Add a few drops to your bath water (lavendar to relax, orange to wake up) and sit back and enjoy. If you want to go crazy, dim the lights and light a few candles! Don’t have a bath tub? Not to fear! Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water and spray in the shower (but be careful not to get in your eyes or mouth!).

8. Hot Chocolate – Indulge yourself, you deserve it. And I am not talking about that powdery stuff that you pour into a cup of hot milk. Go all out girl! This recipe claims to be the BEST!

9. Music – Music is such a mood changer! Grab a pair of headphones, add some songs to your iPod/MP3 player/DiscMan? and let the music take you away! Listen to music while you are cleaning, doing your pedicure, walking the dog or just sitting in a chair while noone is bothering you *gasp*.

10. Heat Pad - When you’re feeling stressed, under the weather or just plain worn out, there is nothing better than a little bit of heat to help you through. Did you know that it is SUPER easy (and cheap) to make your own microwaveable heat pad? It’s true, check out this tutorial.


  1. oh, I love my heating pad! I needed one – last minute… so i found Clean Sock (mismatched) and used rice! perfect size to get the knots out! :D
    Thanks for all the other suggestions! Cant wait to try some!
    Amy recently posted..Music, Water and Flowers Wordless Wednesday #WWMy Profile

  2. Great tips, epsom salt is one of my favs! And the essential oils are perfect for so many different things. Thanks for sharing! Oh and pastel purple – LOVE! Unfortunately my hubby wants my toes to be bright red or pink. Crazy haha.

  3. Hot tea, a good book, a bubble bath, and a pedicure are all my go to at home relaxation go-to’s. I would love a spa day – but don’t know how I would feel about strangers touching me. Thanks for all the great ideas!
    Laura recently posted..No Fuss Window Must: Window Sensory Bag #CraftForKidsMy Profile

  4. These are some great ideas. I LOVE the manicure ideas; I can’t believe how easy some of those designs are! Thanks for all of the great links too… :)
    Alesha @ Full Time Mama recently posted..Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Keurig Coffee Brewer from StaplesMy Profile

  5. That hair mask sounds wonderful! My hair has been so dry lately, it really needs some love. Great ideas, thanks for sharing!
    Stacie recently posted..Planes Activity Pages!My Profile

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