10 Pre-Christmas Activities To Get Your Family In The Spirit


I love the last few weeks before Christmas. Such a fun and exciting time! We usually do an advent countdown of some sort, that involves doing a different activity each day. Here are 10 of my favorites from this years calendar.

1. Scavenger Hunt

~ Snag a few stocking stuffers, wrap them up, and hide them. Then make a series of clues (ours rhymed) and let them go at it! This has been my girls’ favorite so far!

2. Christmas Carol Music Video

~ That’s right folks, throw on some festive gear (santa hats, Christmas PJ’s) and sing your favorite Christmas carol as a family. Don’t forget to choreograph it and record it. Memories. Seriously funny memories.

3. Hand Print Wreaths

~ Dip the kids’ hands in green paint, stamp them on plain white paper over and over again in a circle shape (palms are on the inside of the wreath, finger tips toward the outsides). Have them dip their finger tips in red paint to make berries on the wreath. Voila.

4. Christmas Light Tour

~ PJ’s, chocolate cocoa to go, and a pre-planned route to hit the best displays around time. Your kids will love you. I promise.

5. Make Reindeer Food

~ I’ve been doing this since I was a kid. Reindeer food basically involves mixing dry oats, glitter and chocolate chips. (Really you could mix anything as long as glitter was involved, it’s a known fact that reindeer love glitter). Sprinkle on your lawn on Christmas eve.

6. Write a Christmas Motto

~ This is like a family motto, only pertaining just to Christmas. Something like “The Grinch Family promises to celebrate Christmas in a way that honors the Lord by being generous, humble and joyful.”

7. Gingerbread House

~ If you want it to be more edible, use graham crackers and the pre-made frosting that comes in the squeeze tubes at the store. Drag out that ginormous bag of Halloween candy you’ve been hoarding and let them loose. They’ll be cracked out on sugar, but if you coordinate the sugar crash with bedtime you will be a genius.

8. Make Christmas Ornaments

~ Popsicle sticks, glue and paint. Throw in some glitter at the end. When they are dry, tie a string around it and attach to a hook. Boom.

9. Christmas Pedicures

~ This only works if you have girls in your family. Some green and red finger nail polish goes a long way to bring joy to a little girls day.

10. Paper Nativity Scene

~ Google it. There are a million different free printable out there. Some are for flat scenes, some can be folded to make it a 3D scene.


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