10 Reasons Why Driving A Minivan Is Still Awesome


I’m 30 years old, I have three small children, and yes, I drive a minivan. And it’s awesome. Growing up as a little girl I had lots of dreams and aspirations, driving a minivan wasn’t one of them. But somewhere along the way it happened. I love it. Here’s why (in no particular order):

1. Saying things like “Shaggin’ Wagon” and “Grocery Grabber.”

2. Not having to worry about your aggravating precious children slamming the car doors into the car parked next to you.

3. The unmatched joy of watching your “I’ll never own a minivan” husband drive the minivan.

4. Remote controlled sliding side doors = DOUBLE AWESOME!

5. The police pay less attention to you. So that’s awesome if you are a criminal or speeder. Or both.

6. Saving it and giving it to your mortified 16 year old as their first car.

7. Fulfilling your lifelong dream to be a soccer mom (obviously owning a minivan is one of the requirements).

8. Being more aerodynamic (I’m sure there is an article somewhere to prove this).

9. Taking out all the seats and camping (or living) in the back.

10. Road trips. Taking out the center console and literally being able to walk back and forth from the front seats to the back row is priceless.

I doubt that I convinced you to run out and buy a minivan, but next time you see a fearless minivan driver, give her a high five, because she’s obviously awesome.



  1. Amen sister! I love my minivan. LOVE IT! Have you seen the swagger wagon commercial on YouTube? It’s hilarious. Sliding doors are huge! Next time I want the lift gate for the trunk. I have hauled EVERYTHING in it and I love everything about it. Woo hoo minivan mom!

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