10 Things I Love Right Now – Valentine’s Fun


OK, here it is, my unconventional Valentine’s Day post. I’m not going to post a romantic recipe (although I AM making heart shaped meatloaf tonight and I WILL post pictures), or tell you why I love my hubby so much (although I DO and I WILL tell him!).

So here is your chance to get to know me a little better. Here are 10 things that I love (and might be mildly obsessed with right now) in no particular order. Also, I am not including God or my family/friends in this list because that would be boring and you already know I love them.

1) Yoga pants – I have never done yoga (although I do have an app on my ipad) but I faithfully get up each morning and slap these bad boys on. I’ve got ‘em in black and gray and I LOVE THEM! They are comfy, wash easily and grow/shrink at will (just like my butt).

2) Scrambled eggs – I do not understand this most recent craving, and NO, my eggo is not preggo. But right now I really love eating scrambled eggs. It weirds me out a little, but at least it’s not cat fur like the lady I saw on My Strange Addiction last night.

3) My scale – My latest round of diet/exercise is my longest lasting yet, and I am down 4 pounds so right now I love the dang thing! And I weigh myself several times throughout the day. In case you were wondering, you weigh the least in the morning after you pee and right before you get in the shower…

4) My new pie tools – A few weeks ago hubby took me to this fancy kitchen store in town and said I could pick out whatever I wanted! I ended up with a new pie pan, pastry blender and mixing bowl. Don’t laugh. I have been torturing my family with pies ever since (although I am sure they don’t mind).

5) Words With Friends – I’m terrible at this game, I lose almost every time. But I love it!! It gives me something to do when I am nursing Little Bruds because I have to do it in his room with the lights off and door shut or he gets distracted!

6) La Croix water – It comes in a can, its carbonated and lightly flavored and it’s AWESOME! We call it “fizzy bubbly” in our house, I can’t remember why we started calling it that. But we live so close to Canada that they have it everywhere here!

7) “Intervention” – There is truly nothing more depressing than watching this show. I don’t know why I continue to do it every week. It comes on right before “Hoarders” which is equally depressing and I watch that too. And I always cheer and clap at the end when the people actually stay in rehab and are still sober. It’s ridiculous.

8) Clorox Anywhere Spray – Have you seen this stuff? It kills germs but is gentle enough to be used around kids/pets! As the mother of 3 children who love to eat cleaning products, this is FANTASTIC! I use it to disinfect just about everything! Just spray it on and let it dry, woohoo!

9) Pizza burgers – I had never had a pizza burger until we moved to North Dakota but apparently they are popular here. I had one the other day and I have no idea what it was made out of but I don’t think that it was beef and it totally freaked me out but I ate it anyway! The basic idea behind a pizza burger is mozzarella and pizza sauce. So good.

10) Online shopping – I haven’t actually purchased anything online, but I really enjoy going to the store website and putting stuff in my “cart” and then just closing the page before I actually pay for it. That’s not stealing is it?!? Anyways, it’s pretty fun and I recommend that you try it. I also ask that you please not tell hubby about this. He will surely take my computer away!

Well there they are, you probably think I am weird now, unless you are my good friend in which case you already knew that!

Now be a good sport and tell me something that YOU love in the comment section below!




  1. Aunt Sally says:

    I love my family, my expensive cats, Frosted Flakes cuz their grrrrrrreat, the view of our beautiful Colorado mountains, HGTV, Duck Dynasty, chocolate, pizza, Rio strawberry marks, Mexican food, hockey.

  2. So I have a few things I also love, besides God/family/hubby! I would have to say my hair right now….so easy, manageable and the best cut I’ve had in FOREVER!! 2nd I love my daycare baby girl…which is pretty obvious why (no girlies in this household) and she is smitten for my hubby, adorable!! 3rd I love my jeans, Levi’s from Kohls (never shop there but did on one occasion) they are so comfy and fit perfect – should buy 3 more! That’s a little about me :)

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