About Me

My name is Kelley and I am a wife and mother of three; two daughters and a son. My family lives in Colorado. I am a homeschooling mama that enjoys baking, reading, writing and getting creative with my kiddos. I am a generally open and honest person, and I love to make people laugh. Through this blog I hope to share life with you, including my favorite “H” words: Homemade, Homeschool, Hope & Heart!

I have 3 beautiful babies who will be at the center of a majority of my posts, so you should go ahead and get to know them know (I will be using nicknames):

J is my big girl. She is 9 years old and the self-appointed leader of the pack. She fully embraces all of the privileges of being the oldest child, good for her!! Being the oldest is not easy (I am the oldest in my family so I have a soft spot for her position) so I’m glad that she is enjoying it. She is independent, brave, smart, funny and gorgeous! She loves to write and draw, she is into fashion design and zoology!

K is my baby girl. She is 6 (almost 7) years old and is the feisty middle child. She is crazy obsessed with Hello Kitty, tiny things, making potions and fort building. She is definitely a daddy’s girl and a home body. She is very shy with new people and places, but once she comes out of her shell she will be your best friend! Her sense of humor is spot on and everyone will tell you she has the cutest little voice in the whole world. But don’t let her super cuteness fool you, she is a feisty little nugget!!

C is my adorable baby boy. He is 3 years old and he rules the roost! He is truly the craziest little guy I have ever known! Everything about having a boy has been different from my girls, from my pregnancy until now. He is so smiley and sweet, we get compliments all the time on how smiley and happy he is. But boy oh boy is he ornery! He will scream, kick and fight to get something that he wants, and he is not afraid to battle his sisters for something! He is a mama’s boy for sure but he really enjoys helping dad around the house, watching Octonauts and playing with action figures. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for my little guy.

I feel bad that I haven’t mentioned my hubby yet, and he really is my best friend and partner in crime so I wanted to at least give him credit for that. I love him for infinity reasons, truly, but the main ones are that he is a patient and kind father, a thoughtful and selfless husband and because he loves the Lord with all his heart. He works very hard for our family and I am so grateful for his dedication to us. Muah!

Well now you have met the whole family (except for Coco the dog – don’t get me started on her!) so get out there and start reading my blog!! Please :)