Are We There Yet???

Well by now you know that we have indeed moved to North Dakota, and you also know how we came to that decision. I’m here to tell you that making the decision was the easiest part of the journey! From the day we made the decision to move, to the day we hit the road was about a month. That’s it. One month to completely empty our home and relocate. Oh boy! I have to admit that I love moving because I think that change is great, and I enjoy getting settled into a new place, but I do not enjoy the act of actually packing and moving.


When we decided to make the move we knew that we would be putting most of our belongings in storage and taking only the “bare” essentials with us. Who knew that there were so many interpretations to the term bare essentials! Obviously my interpretation was right, but you already knew that. With the help of friends and family we were able to pack, load, clean and get on the road only one day behind schedule! Phew!


We had to drive both the van and hubby’s work truck up to the great North, so that meant splitting up the kiddos and the drive! As you can probably guess, I got stuck with (oops, I mean the┬áprivilege of riding with) Little Bruds. Luckily we were able to split the 12 hour drive into two, six hour days and he did great!


And guess what?? Mount Rushmore just happens to be halfway between Greeley and Williston, so we were able to stay the night in a hotel with an indoor water park, and visit the monument. Fina was thrilled because they had just learned about Mount Rushmore in school. Also, she predicted that Mitt Romney would be the next face in the rocks. Man, I love that girl.

The thing that I love about this picture most of all (besides Little Bruds “what the heck is dad doing” expression) is that it basically represents what we all know to be true of family vacations, not everything turns out like we planned! Did I say family vacation? That’s funny. You know how you can tell we don’t get out much? Because I just called a two day move with two cars, three kids and a UHaul a “family vacation.”

The part of the trip that hubby and I enjoyed most was crossing into North Dakota and taking pictures at the sign. We couldn’t convince the girls to get out of the car with us, but as you can see, we had enough fun of our own. :-)

At the end of our luxurious vacation we ended up in Williston, North Dakota at about 4 p.m. with the wind whipping and the temperature dropping. (If you look closely you can see Little Bruds drowning in junk!) Hubby and I moved everything into the trailer, set up beds and headed to the grocery store. Eek! Since we had arrived on Sunday, hubby had to get up and go to work the next day. I started un-packing and getting to know my new town. It has been about two months since we arrived and we are most definitely settling in here. The weather is cold, but the people are nice, and the kids are happy. I cannot wait to share some of the adventures that we have been on up here! Check back often for updates!



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