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Mid-August usually means back-to-school-mania for moms and dads all across the country. There will inevitably be a mad dash for school supplies, back to school nights, and lunch menus stuck to the fridge. No matter the age of the student, you can count on one thing: they will be hungry when they get home from school. And not just a little bit hungry, they will want to eat a full meal exactly 1 hour before dinner. Snack time is such a tricky “meal” because you need to find the right balance of filling up tummies and not ruining dinner.

Today I am going to share with you two of my favorite after school snack ideas that strike this balance well, and are easy to throw together. So easy in fact that with a little bit of supervision your kiddos can make them themselves!

These recipes are inspired by fresh, local and organic ingredients from Door To Door Organics where you can order local farm fresh foods delivered straight to your door!



Steamed Corn Tortilla, Cheese & Tomato Quesadilla


Ingredients (makes 4):

4 corn tortillas

8 thin tomato slices

1 C. shredded cheese


1. Place tortillas inside a gallon Ziploc baggie with a damp paper towel, seal most of the way, microwave for 30 seconds

2. Let tortillas cool, place one tortilla on microwave safe plate, sprinkle 1/8 C. cheese on half, lay 2 tomato slices on cheese, sprinkle another 1/8 cheese on top, fold.

3. Microwave 20 seconds, or until cheese is melted.

4. Let cool and slice in half.


Frozen Peaches With Vanilla Yogurt & Cinnamon Sugar Topping


Ingredients (makes 4):

2 peaches

1 C. vanilla Greek Yogurt

Cinnamon sugar



1. Cut peaches in half, remove the seed.

2. place in freezer for 15-20 minutes.

3. Remove from freezer, add 1/4 C. yogurt in the center.

4. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.


Snack time is always easier (and more fun) when kiddos can do it themselves. A little prep work can go a long way! Washing/slicing fruits and veggies, dividing dry goods (crackers, pretzels) into individual serving sizes and making a “snack idea” list for the fridge are just a few ways to make snack time run more smoothly!


For more great after-school recipes and inspiration, be sure to check out Door To Door Organics on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and on Instagram (@doortodoororganics).

What are your favorite go-to snack ideas?





  1. Those quesdillas look yummy and is one of my kids favorite foods
    Trista Anderson recently posted..Kiss That Itch GoodbyeMy Profile

  2. I was just telling my boyfriend last weekend I wanted to get involved in something like this! Perfect timing. Your peaches look delicious!
    Mimi recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Extended FamilyMy Profile

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