Bedtime Clocks {Behavior Incentive}


Need a fun, new and different way to encourage your little one(s) to be on their better behavior during the day? The bedtime clock is a behavior incentive that I cooked up for my two oldest as a way to remind them that their unacceptable behavior during the day not only has an immediate consequence (alone time, object taken away) but that there is also a long term consequence! Often times we fall into the “time-out” and “say sorry” trap, leading our little guys to believe that there are no long term effects from our yucky behavior! And let’s face it, as adults we understand that it just isn’t true. So how can we gently and effectively teach this lesson? With the bedtime clock! Here is how it works:

~ Set the hour and minutes on the clock to your child’s normal bedtime

~ For each “incident” (you will want to set specific guidelines) bump the minute hand back 5 minutes

~ Explain that if they have a particularly well behaved day, they might only have to go to bed 5 or 10 minutes early (or on time!) and that for a harder day, they might wind up in bed 30 minutes early and miss some fun family time!

~ Have your child reset the clock each morning (this is a good time to have a good morning/good behavior prayer!)

~ You will have to decide whether or not minutes can be earned back for good behavior (they cannot in our house, once you lose it, it is gone!)

~ It is important to get your child involved in the moving of the hands and with making the clock, this will help them to be more understanding and excited about using it!

Here is how you make it (make sure to get your little one’s involved!)


~ 3 different colors of construction paper

~ Glue

~ Scissors

~ Contact paper (optional)

~ Brass paper brads

~ Markers


Step 1: Cut a large circle out of one of the pieces of construction paper

Step 2: Glue the circle onto another piece of construction paper

Step 3: Write the numbers on the face of your “clock”

Step 4: Write “My Bedtime Clock” and child’s name on the paper

Step 5: Cut out arrows to be used as minute and hour hands on the third piece of paper

Step 6: Laminate the the clock and the minute and hour hands

Step 7: Attach the hands to the clock using the brads (make sure they can be turned)

Step 8: Attach to the fridge or wall somewhere that is easily visible to your child


  1. Great idea! I might have to try this!
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