Book & Craft: Horton Hears A Who


A fun way to add some dimension to reading time with your little ones is to make some crafts inspired by the book you are reading. Kids love repetition, they will enjoy reading and creating from the same book all week, I promise!

Here are the crafts we made to go along with Horton Hears A Who by Dr. Seuss:

*Depending on your child’s age/development they may be able to do all or some of the steps by themselves*

Pink Clover:

Pink tissue or construction paper

White construction paper


Cotton ball or packing peanut


1. Cut a circle out of the white construction paper (about 6-8 inches round)

2. Cut the pink paper into 2 inch strips and cut little slits in it to make it “furry”

3. Glue the pink strips onto the white circle starting at the outside and working your way in

4. Lightly bend the pink “fur” so that the flaps stick up a little bit

5. Glue the cotton ball or packing peanut onto the clover (this is the speck).


2 pieces of gray paper

Pink paper

White paper

Black paper



1. Using gray paper, cut out a circle for the head, two ovals for the ears and a long strip that is wider on one end for the trunk

2. Cut out two pink ovals (to go inside the gray ears)

3. Cut out white eyes and black pupils.

4. Glue all pieces together, bend the bottom inch of the trunk upwards and draw nostrils, roll the trunk loosly around a pencil so that it sticks out


Paper plate


1. Find a page in the book that depicts Who-ville

2. Encourage your child to draw the town however the want (the paper plate is the speck)

When you are all done, hang the pieces on the wall together and keep the book close by so that you can read it and admire your artwork!






  1. My boys love Dr. Seuss and Horton is a big hit in our house. This would be a fun craft for them for sure. Thanks for sharing! We will totally be trying this out.
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