Summer Bucket List Printable – 2016 {FREE}

SummerBucket List

Last year I made a summer bucket list printable, it was pretty terrible considering I was brand new in the world of graphics. I’ve got a new one for you this year – enjoy!! (Click the link below the picture for the PDF printable!)   Click Here To Print!

Birth Order ~ The Struggle Is Real *Warning – SARCASM AHEAD*


Birth order, it happens folks – it’s a FACT. There are a few clans you can belong to here, each one with a unique set of characteristics, struggles, DEMONS. First borns: These are my people, my peeps. I belong to this clan. And let me tell you, being first born is no cake-walk. It’s not all Continue Reading …

Teach Your Kids To Make Their Own Lunches {Free Printable}


It’s summer. Tis the season for mom-is-taking-it-easy. My new plan? Making my kids do chores and fix their own lunches. This isn’t the Hilton after all, and someday (God-willing) they are going to move out of my house and they will need some real-life skills.     I created a little road map for them Continue Reading …

Summer Bucket List {Printable}


Summer is here!! Yay! Here is a free “Summer Bucket List” printable for you to use Click here to get the free printable. What will be on your Summer Bucket List this year?