Germ Busting Hand Spray {Recipe + Video}


Here is a great recipe for ON THE GO hand cleaning! I keep a bottle in my purse -┬ámy whole family uses it. You will need a glass spray bottle (hello, amazon), witch hazel, lemon essential oil, tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil and water!     Enjoy!!

DIY Foaming Face Wash


Ahhhhhhh…..!!! There are SO MANY skincare products on the market. They all claim to be anti-wrinkle, pore-defining, acne-stopping or some other promise. Let’s not forget the “all-natural” group which claims to be super skin healthy, yet has an ingredient list 7 miles long….most of which cannot be pronounced by humans. What do I want? I Continue Reading …

Homemade, all natural facial toner (that works!)


I’m going to tell you a little fun fact about myself: I like things that are simple. Simple recipes, simple lifestyle, simple faith. I absolutely LOVE homemade, because there are fewer ingredients, I can pronounce them all, and….it’s cheaper! This is a homemade and simple facial toner that I just started using. So far I Continue Reading …

Lemon-Honey Sugar Scrub {My Face Wash}


I have something to tell you. I am getting older. Unfortunately, so is my skin. The days of baby butt smooth skin are OVER, and bumpiness and redness are the new normal. Boo. My new awesome old person symptom is milia, yes, those little hard, white bumps typically found on newborn skin. What the heck?? Continue Reading …

Homemade Carpet Deodorizer Plus *GIVEAWAY*


I have been having so much fun mixing up recipes with my Young Living Essential Oils lately, but this one is my new favorite. Lots of carpet + 3 kids + 1 dog = stinky carpets that need to be vacuumed daily. This homemade carpet deodorizer recipe is inexpensive, effective, and easy to make! Aside Continue Reading …

Natural Homemade With Essential Oils Blog Hop Plus *GIVEAWAY*


I am so excited to be participating in this year’s Young Living Natural Homemade Blog Hop. I have grouped with a large group of bloggers and die-hard oil users for this exciting event. We will each be sharing a recipe and pictures for making cleaning products, beauty products and various other items with essential oils. Continue Reading …