Favorite Picks for Homeschool Curriculums


It can be difficult to make recommendations for a homeschool curriculum because it is so subjective. The curriculum that works best for your child may not be the most appropriate for every child. However, sharing some favorites with each other can lead to some new discoveries. With this attitude, here are some choices that work well:

1. Life of Fred Algebra – Math

Life of Fred uses a storytelling approach to improve an understanding of math and its concepts. The first books were simple to read and understand and worked well when supplemented with the Singapore math program. Just as we approached pre-algebra, I introduced Art of Problem Solving.

2. Khan Academy – Math, Arts, Humanities

This site is useful as you introduce new concepts and for help when you find yourself stumped. As a teacher, parent, and student, you’ll find that this free resource offers plenty of great information.

3. Code.org – Computers

Even very young students will enjoy the lessons at Code.org. This site provides lessons and games in computer programming, possibly motivating a broader interest in the subject. This resource is free unless you want to opt for the additional classes. These are offered for a modest fee. If you enjoy this site, you may want to visit Code Academy as well.

4. Editor in Chief – Grammar

Not every student enjoys book work and many homeschooling parents would prefer to ignore the majority of textbooks. However, there are some students who enjoy them. Editor in Chief provides experiences in content, grammar, and reasoning while also encouraging students to improve their editing skills as they find and correct errors in writing.

5. Magic Lens – Grammar

Author Michael Clay Thompson provides this complete language arts curriculum. It covers poetry and vocabulary. The program is written as a gifted learning program, but can be used at any level when you allow your child to work at his own pace.

6. NANOWRIMO’s Young Writers Program – Writing

How can you instill a love of writing in your child? Allow him or her to explore and create freely. Use this guide to start the process.

7. Amazon.com Free Kindle Classics – Literature

Even as a lover of the sensory enjoyment that books provide, carrying around an entire library of classics on one e-reader is amazing. Build up this library at no cost and the experience is even better. Collect Poe, Austen, and the rest of your favorites from this source.

8. Building Thinking Skills – Critical Thinking

When you want to study and improve in vocabulary, mathematical reasoning, and analytical skills, this is a great resource. Choose the level that is most appropriate for your student. You may find that it is harder to limit the time your student spends with this book than it is to get her to work in it.

9. The Art of Argument – Life Skills

You may wonder why on earth you would want to teach a child to argue. However, when you want to share your beliefs and participate in a constructive discussion on them, you’ll find that the information in this book is invaluable.

10. Minecraft – Creativity

Yes, it is a game, and a very popular one at that, but if your child enjoys the creativity of Legos and the use of a computer, you’ll find that this game can be an important learning aid. If you give it a try yourself, you will soon realize that a great deal of planning, thought, and other mind work is required here.


  1. I homeschooled last year but used an online public school for it but we are thinking of trying it again in the near future … thanks for this info it will help me more with planning things
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  2. Wow, I really liked reading this. I’ve always wanted to homeschool but never thought I was capable of doing it myself and every time I looked into it, I was so confused with curriculum.

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