Fruit-tastic Edible Art

Is snack time a major BORE in your house? Sometimes it is here too! Here are some ideas for making edible fruit art for your kids to munch on. The best part? You can give them the leftover fruit pieces to make their own masterpiece (one of mine made a banana zombie)!

BOAT: pretzel bits, orange slice, cheese stick (cut up), apple slice.


DOG: apple, orange slices, raisins, pretzel (partial)


FLOWER: grapes, banana slice, cheese stick, apple slices


SNOWMAN: banana slice, grape (cut in half), oreo, pretzel bits, cheese, apple


How do you make snack time fun?  


  1. THose are some really cute ideas. I need to do more like this for my boys. I think it would be so fun.

  2. These look like fun! I can remember when I was young, my mom used to tell us to stop playing with our food, and eat. Nowdays, we’re telling our kids to play with their food!! Hey, whatever gets them to eat!

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