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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CWIST. I
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Christmas is my favorite time of year; I love being cozy inside during snowy weather, but I also love celebrating with family and friends. Above all else, I enjoy giving gifts and cooking for people during this time of year. This is something that I want to pass along to my children. I want them to understand that we don’t actually celebrate Christmas JUST so we can get cool presents from Santa and mom and dad. I am so grateful that I was introduced to a new program called CWIST. CWIST is a free, online library of challenges and tasks for children to complete. The goal behind CWIST is to “help kids make a healthy connection to the things they want and the effort it takes to get them.” When a child completes a CWIST of mom or dad’s choice (or you can make up your own), the child’s “wish” will be granted. The CWISTS range anywhere from completing an educational task to spearheading a community clean-up day. Likewise, the wishes can include anything from extra TV time, all the way to the new electronic that they have been dying to have. The CWISTS and wishes are completely customizable and can be created by the user, or chosen from an extensive list already in the library. The CWIST library is primarily geared towards children ages 5-10, but could easily work for the older child too. I think this is a fantastic way to promote hard work and goal-setting, as well as a creative and engaging way to get little ones to complete some not-so-fun tasks.


I was even more blown away by the Kids CWIST For Kids campaign currently underway. In this program, kids complete CWISTs in an effort to earn a gift for another child who might not otherwise get anything for Christmas. Think of it as an online version of a giving tree, only the gift is earned for the other child through an activity or task chosen by the parent. I did this with my girls: Fina (7) and Kitty-boo (5). They chose girls the same ages as them, and then were able to scroll down a long list of gift choices and pick out the perfect gift for their new friend! The great part is, CWIST is donating the first $2000 worth of gifts, after that, their partners in the toy industry are offering a 20% discount so that even more gifts may be purchased by CWIST users. I chose to create a CWIST for my girls, I asked them to write a letter and draw a picture for the new friend that would be receiving their gift. I explained that we would not be able to send the letters, but that we would hang them on the fridge to remind us that there are lots of people who need extra Christmas love this year! My girls were thrilled, they enjoyed picking out the following gifts for their new friends:

CWISTgift1 CWISTgift2

They worked very hard on their letters and pictures, and proudly displayed them on the fridge. It was heart-warming to see them do this activity, and I know that CWIST will continue to be a part of our lives from here on out. My favorite parts of CWIST are:

~ The library of pre-made CWISTs to choose from, so creative!

~ The separate login for kids – makes them feel important!

~ That this is a parent-educator creative platform – it shows.

~ It’s great to be able to create your own CWISTs (and publish them or not).

When we “granted” our wishes, there was still money left to be donated, so hurry on over and start a Kids CWIST For Kids activity today. Remember, it’s FREE and teaches a great lesson!

More CWIST info: AND

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CWIST. I
received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


  1. These look really cool and like some games my kids would enjoy thanks for the info I am going to check them out
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  2. This is such an AMAZING idea! It’s so important that our kids understand how blessed they are, and learn to give back at a young age so they’ll continue when they’re older. I try to take my kids to the angel trees and buy for kids their age each year. This is a great way to give to kids in need and stay in the comfort of your own home, if you so desire. Love it!

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