How To Get Your Family To Eat Their Veggies With Help From The Sneaky Chef {Review}

*This post sponsored by Sneaky Chef, written by me.

Getting your children to happily eat their veggies is just one in a long line of battles that parents must contend with on a daily basis. In my house, some days the battle just isn’t worth it. Although my kiddos are pretty good about eating what we put in front of them, there are some things they just will not eat, either because it looks weird, or it is new. I want them to want to eat things like cauliflower and squash, but let’s face it, I don’t know very many adults who love to eat them either. So how do you win the battle without really having to fight? Missy Chase Lapine from the Sneaky Chef has a pretty good plan! She has created a phenomenal line of “sneaky” products that will have your children scarfing down their plates without ever knowing they are eating 8 veggies in one sitting! My family recently had the opportunity to try the Cheesy Red and Smooth Red versions of the Sneaky Chef Pasta Sauces. I used them to make a huge pan of lasagna, which my family loves, and they had no clue that it was a new and healthier version! Here is what makes the Sneaky Chef sauces so unique:

~ No high fructose corn syrup

~ No artificial colors/flavors

~ No MSG

~ Gluten free

~ Sweetened by nature

~ More than a full serving of veggies in 1/2 cup of sauce!

Sneaky Chef

We were so so impressed by the texture and taste of these sauces. There were no funky chunks and the flavor was perfect. If I had made this sauce myself it would have taken me hours to chop, cook and puree everything, not to mention tweaking the spices and seasonings! If you are looking for something healthy that comes in a jar, this is about as good as it gets. The pictures on the label let you know exactly what veggies are in the puree, which is awesome if you have kiddos with food allergies. The sauce is perfect as a spaghetti sauce without any additions, but would also be great as a pizza sauce, a¬†dipping sauce for veggies, sandwiches and french fries, or the base for a soup or more complicated sauce recipe. If you have a moment, check out the Sneaky Chef website to see more products, including the No-Nut butter which is a hit with my peanut allergy boy. You can also find links to Missy’s award winning Sneaky Chef cook books, as well as recipes posted online. You will also be able to order the Sneaky Chef products, or find out where they can be purchased.

I was provided with the above products free of charge in order to facilitate my honest review.

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