How to get your hands on some Young Living Essential Oils!

So, you’ve been hearing about those essential oils, right? Maybe you have used a few here or there, or maybe you have no clue what they are. Here is some info that I hope you will find helpful. I will be completely honest and say that I am an independent distributor for Young Living, but let me just say that I was using their oils for 2 years before I got into the business side of things. I have seen them work in the lives of my family and friends and I simply would not invest money into something like this without being a believer :)

If you are wanting some general info on the company, you can click here to explore their site and see what they are all about.

I trust these little bottles of goodness because I know that company is serious about where they come from and how they are produced.

Ready to give them a try? I’d suggest the Premium Starter Kit:




It’s a fabulous deal at $160 (plus tax/shipping), PLUS you’ll receive a goody bag from me AND lots and lots of love and support!

You can go here to order:

- Select Wholesale Membership

- Choose your diffuser for your Premium Starter Kit (DewDrop OR Home Diffuser is INCLUDED in the $160 price, other options are an upgrade)

- Skip Essential Rewards for now, you can go ahead and add that later if you want, without choosing one of those kits

- Enter all of your login information (so that you can log in later and check tracking, place additional orders if you wish, etc.)

- After you have checked out, please DM me on Instagram at @joy.ful.noises so that I can verify your purchase and send you your goody bag! I will also add you to an enormous oil chat group on FB where you can begin exploring the many, many ways oils are used!!

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