Moody Sisters Skin Care – Dry Shampoo and Bug Off {Review}

*This post is sponsored by Moody Sisters Skin Care, written by me.

Quick question for you: how many days (weeks?) has it been since you had a proper shower? I mean a real, true, hot-water-and-soap-in-your-hair shower?? As I am sitting here typing this post, I am dreaming of said shower experience. Sometimes in mommy-town, daily showers are not possible! For me, I live in a land of moist facial wipes, toothbrushes, an extra dab of deodorant and dry shampoo. Dry shampoo! Did you know that even existed? I discovered the miracle that is dry shampoo when the real life sisters behind Moody Sisters Skin Care sent me a container to try. I definitely was not convinced that this was going to work. My hair tends to get greasy when I skip a shower, it drives me crazy! I usually end up stuffing it under a hat and calling it good enough. So I waited for the opportunity to try the dry shampoo (let’s be honest, I didn’t have to wait long) and went for it. I opened the container and was surprised to discover that it smells amazing! It comes with a fluffy applicator and seemed easy enough to use. After just about a minute of application, and a quick brush through, I was delighted to discover a noticeable difference not only in the way my hair looked, but the way it felt too! It was soft, smooth and less greasy. It even looked good enough to go hat-less! Yay! I have continued to use the dry shampoo and am still just as in love with it, and for $10.95 it is totally worth it!



While I was getting to know the dry shampoo, the sisters also sent me their Bug Off Bug Repellent to try. Up here in North Dakota it is actually pretty humid, and the mosquito season is a nasty one. This year, the mosquito invasion was followed by a wasp invasion that seemed like the beginnings of a horror movie. For some reason the bugs don’t really like to mess with me (probably because I can kill anything with my flip flop) so I chose my dear hubby to be the spray tester. He is always the first one to get bit, stung, etc. He’s not a fan of bug sprays, so he would only let me spray his shirt one time with the Bug Off. We spent a good hour outside after that, and he was not bitten by a single flying creature. This is amazing stuff, I am telling you! He is ALWAYS coming inside itching and complaining after our family walks. Aside from the fact that it works like a charm, it smells fantastic, and is completely safe for babies over six months and even pets! I am comforted by the fact that I can pronounce the names of all the ingredients and that it is organic and DEET free! At $10.75 a bottle, it is hardly more than the chemically-laden sprays from the store, and it lasts longer because you don’t need to use as much.


Overall I am very pleased with my second experience from the Moody Sisters line, I highly recommend hopping on over to their Etsy store and trying something for yourself!

I was given these products free of charge in order to facilitate my honest review.

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