Naptime – Not A Dictionary Definition

Ahh naptime, seems simple enough according to the dictionary definition. But what does it really entail? Here is the naptime definition from the dictionary of MOM.



NAPTIME: That sweet lovin’ time of day when baby/toddler/preschooler lays their precious little head down and falls asleep for an extended period of time. Bonus points if they sleep in their own bed. Bonus points if they are a school age child napping in the summer. Yes, naptime is a game, and scores are kept.

A time when mom does the following, not ONE of the following, but ALL OF THEM: takes a shower, eats breakfast AND lunch, picks up toys, cleans the bathrooms, washes/dries/folds laundry, cleans up breakfast/lunch mess, goes to the bathroom (glorious), pulls weeds. sweeps the floor, thinks a thought without forgetting what she is thinking about, mops the floor, picks up dog poop, takes out the trash, calls her husband and tries to sound perky, organizes something, watches 10 minutes of a 60 minute show that she DVR’d (it will take her approximately one week to watch the entire 60 minutes).

What she DOES NOT do: vacuum, empty dishwasher (too loud), speak above a whisper, eat bon bons, nap.

Otherwise known as:


2) Ring the doorbell and die.

3) If you wake the baby up you are grounded forever!

Did I miss anything? Probably. Ironically I am writing this post during naptime….



  1. Roxanne D says:

    My oldest refused to nap! I have no idea why, but he wouldn’t sleep at all during the day. Liam, on the other hand, loved his naptime, but it seemed like as soon as he fell asleep the mailman would ring the doorbell. Drove me so crazy that I started putting a note on the door telling them not to ring. :)

  2. Ha, this was hilarious! It is nap time here, too, so I am able to comment on this post without little hands banging on the keyboard! :)
    Whitney Jordan recently posted..Little Tikes Sort ‘n Store™ Toy ChestMy Profile

  3. Awesome! Everything is so so true! I don’t know how many times today I ‘shhhushed’ my 5 yr old haha.
    Danielle @ We Have It All recently posted..Be a Stylish Mom of a Stylish Child for Back to School Night with Nordstrom RackMy Profile

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