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I have an iPhone. I heart it. I love it so much that it sometimes (a lot of times actually) distracts me from paying attention to my other loves! I have been guilty on more than one occasion of responding to my phone faster than I do to my childrens needs. I know that I am not alone. Being a blogger and living in rural North Dakota has left me WAY TOO dependent on my phone. I notice it interfering the most during the evening after my husband has gotten home from work, and before my kiddos go to bed; roughly 5-8 p.m. Enter the “Put It Down” challenge. For the month of April I am challenging myself, and all my readers, to put down that cell phone (or iPad or laptop) during a certain period of time each day. Since my husband has a cell phone and our family members know the number to both phones, I will be shutting my phone off completely from the time he gets home from work, until my children go to bed.


If you too are feeling the burden, I encourage you to participate in the challenge! Here are the guidelines:

1) Choose a time of day that you will “Put It Down”¬†and write yourself a reminder somewhere you can see it

2) TURN OFF (or silence) your device(s) during that time

3) Make the most out of your freedom! Sit on the floor and play with the kiddos, read the Bible, give your hubby a back rub, etc. Try to do one out of the norm activity each day during that time that connects you to your family!

4) Add your name, your device, and your “Put It Down” time in the comment section below

5) Share this post on Facebook so that your friends and family can participate too!


  1. What a great idea. I think I will try to incorporate this on a daily basis. No cell phone from 7am-8am. That way the kiddos can get my full undivided attention first thing in the morning. I foresee lots of snuggles and cuddles.
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