Revolt Fitness {Review} My 12 Week Journey Wrap-Up

*This post sponsored by Revolt Fitness, written by me.


As many of you know, 12 weeks ago I started a weight loss program called Revolt Fitness. When I started I had just weaned my 13 month old (my third child) and was so ready to get in shape. Being pregnant three times had really changed the way my body looked, and I am very proud of some of those changes, but not so proud of others. I have been keeping you all pretty up to date on my progress as well as different challenges that I have faced, but in this post I specifically wanted to highlight the positives and negatives of the program, as well as give a final “weigh-in”.


Things I love:

~ By far, my most favorite thing is how quick, yet powerful the workouts are. I cannot stress how amazing these 20-30 minute routines are. I will continue to use these workouts.

~ I loved the simple, realistic recipes that were included. No strange ingredients, or hours long cooking processes.

~ The diverse and creative meal plan. A lot of this food was fun and different, the smoothies were AMAZING! And dessert every night? Awesome!

~ The community that Revolt is made up of is like none other. Everyone is very honest and open and encouraging!

~ Two rest days and one cheat day. These mini breaks were vital to my success.

Things I Changed:

~ The meal plan calls for you to eat the same breakfast, lunch and dinner meals all 6 days of the week (the menu changes weekly). I would have never made it eating the same things every day for 6 days. But it was super easy to just sub meals from different weeks. I basically used the meals from all 4 weeks as a “list” of meals I could choose from (but only breakfast for breakfast, lunch for lunch, etc.).

~ I did not always follow the same rest/free days as the plan called for. If I new we had plans or I wouldn’t be able to exercise, I used that day instead.

I guess I really have nothing major to complain about. The greatest thing about Revolt is that it is flexible to meet everyone’s needs. Nicole teaches you to make changes that will stick, not just a “diet” that you will only follow for 4 weeks. My cooking and eating will never be the same after participating in Revolt. I have learned so much and am so grateful!

Here are my beginning and ending stats:

Starting Weight: 153 lbs.     Ending Weight: 139 lbs. (Have not seen 130′s for over 5 years!!) ~ 14 pounds down!

Starting Inches (Waist): 35 3/4      Ending Inches: 32 1/4 ~ 3.5 inches down!

I’m thrilled with my results, and YES, I will be continuing on with the program so that I am beach ready for Cancun next summer! Booyah!

I am a Revolt Blogger. I was provided a membership free of charge in exchange for my honest review.


  1. That is so awesome. And thank you for sharing what you did and didn’t like about the program and how you made it work. I think with your “changes” this program could work for anyone :)
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  2. OMGosh you’ve had amazing results – how awesome, you did great!

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