Revolt Fitness {Review} Week 12 – Stress and Weight Loss

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Well it’s here, week 12 of my Revolt Fitness official review session has just ended. It ended with a bang so to speak. This last week has by far been one of the most stressful weeks for my family in the last year. Diet and exercise-wise I did not handle it very well. I gave in to emotional eating and battled with a serious lack of motivation to exercise. My breakfasts and lunches were on track, and dinners were OK, but the snacking was a little less than ideal! But I came through the week intact, with my head up, and I believe I learned a thing or two about trying to losing weight in a stressful moment.

Stressed Businesswoman

1) It is OK to take a small break, lick your wounds, and focus on dealing with the things that need to be dealt with.

2) For me personally, emotional and spiritual health come before numbers on a scale.

3) If you have to choose between eating healthy and exercising during a stressful time, choose exercise, it’s great therapy!!

4) You will not undo 11 weeks of hard work with one week of “rest”.

5) Be forgiving of yourself.

Weighing Scales

Well, somehow I ended the week actually down a pound. I imagine not working out and not gaining muscle mass probably had something to do with that. But today (Sunday) is the beginning of a new week. Last week is over and this week is going to be great! So if you, like me, have had a rough few days (or months or years), shake it off, forgive yourself, and get back to the program! :-)

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