Revolt Fitness {Review} Week 4: Are “Getting Fit” and “Going On Vacation” Compatible?

On Sunday evening my family and I returned home from a 9-day vacation back to Colorado to visit family and celebrate my sisters’ highschool graduations. My mind and my spirit are refreshed and doing great, my body? Not so much. I knew that those 9 days would be full of yummy bad-for-you goodness, and I also knew that I would give in on more than one occasion. Although I did not follow the Revolt food and exercise plans during the week, I learned a lot about maintaing diet and nutrition goals while on vacation. Here are some tips:

~ Indulge yourself, you are on vacation after all. You can make yummy and healthy(ish) choices by ordering sugar-free/skim lattes, asking for the dressing/sauce on the side, substitute veggies for fried side dishes, choose desserts that are fruit-filled.

~ Go for a walk! Whether you are back home visiting family, or at the beach with your love, going for a nice long walk and chat with someone you enjoy spending time with is a great way to still get some exercise in!

~ Pick just one meal a day that will be your “cheat” meal (instead of one whole cheat day per week) and make sure that the other meals are within your nutrition guidelines for whatever plan you are following.

~ Talk to people about your fitness goals and accomplishments. Everyone wants to be healthier, they will be inspired and intrigued and then you will be more motivated to stick with your plans.

~ Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t try to lose weight while you are gone. The goal should be to maintain your weight loss and be refreshed so that you can jump right back in when you get back. If you spend the whole vacation stressing out about it, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of vacationing in the first place?

All in all, I feel pretty good about my vacation, I definitely did not lose weight, but I didn’t unravel the last 4 weeks either. I made good (not great) choices and we were so busy I know I burned calories! Here are my week 4 numbers:


Week Four:

~ Starting Weight (this week) 145 lbs.

~ Weight loss: Gained 2 pounds this week (eek) , down 9 lbs total

~ Maintained waist size, 1.25 inches lost total

I’ll be hitting week 5 hard, so check back in for results on Saturday!

* I received access to this program in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own*

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