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Big sigh. We just got done moving….again! This is the second time in 8 months that we have packed up a household of five and moved. Each time that we do it we try to downsize a little more. With kids and life constantly on the go, we tend to be a bit cluttery! Is that a word? If you know the feeling, and you are in the process of de-cluttering your space this summer, you might want to head on over to to find out how you can sell your used DVD’s for cash. And it’s not just DVD’s, you can sell video games and CD’s as well. The process is pretty simple: (1) Enter the barcode on the back of the box to see what it’s worth, (2) Ship your items for free, (3) Get paid!


Just out of curiosity I snagged a few of my hubby’s video games to see what they might be worth (don’t worry babe, I am not actually going to trade them in!). It really was easy, I just typed in the barcodes and then hit “Get Value” and up popped their offer. I’m really impressed with this idea because you can often find video game stores locally that will accept trade-ins, but it is very hard to find somewhere that will take a DVD or CD for cash. It seems like every year the kids accumulate movies that they never want to watch again, and we usually get movies for Christmas and birthdays that just sit in the entertainment stand collecting dust! Or how about all of those CD’s that you haven’t touched since you uploaded everything onto your iPod!?! is the perfect way to cut down on your clutter, and make a few extra bucks in the process, especially with free shipping and lots of shipping options, it’s so easy!

What would you use a little extra cash for?

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  1. Cleaning out the crap was always the highlight of moving for me. If I didn’t love it it didn’t get moved with us. I will share the site with the kids and let them go through their game and dvd’s to see if there is anything they want to get rid of. Thanks for sharing.
    sandy recently posted..Daily RantingMy Profile

  2. What a great idea! I have a huge pile just waiting to be disposed of, but I do not want to trash them…I will look into this!

  3. I totally have a HUGE box full of stuff we lugged across the country and HAVEN’T EVEN unpacked. It’s almost been a year!
    Michelle Bowman recently posted..PSC Pets Aging Formula for DogsMy Profile

  4. I love this idea! I’d love to see something be recycled if it wont be used!
    Kay M. recently posted..DIY Photo Alphabet Projects with BuyAlphabetPhotos.comMy Profile

  5. i need to check this out. I have a bunch of DVDs now that are doubles!
    Amy recently posted..How do I curl my hair? With Babyliss Professional Hot Rollers by Flat Iron ExpertsMy Profile

  6. Oh this would really come in hand for us! My hubby and son trade their video games in, but never for cash, just other games. We are always wishing we could exchange for cash. Thanks for the into!
    Danielle @ We Have It All recently posted..Wordless Wednesday w/Linky – Disney!My Profile

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