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I’m all for being healthy, losing weight and getting in shape. What I’m not wild about is fad diets and chemical-laden protein bars and shakes. My point: what is the benefit of losing weight if we are pumping our body full of junk? So when I was recently approached to review a shake mix I all but blew it off. I decided I had better do a little research before I turned down the opportunity. I am so glad I gave it a chance!


When I googled Shake The Crave by Trusted Health Products and clicked on their ingredient list I was immediately impressed! I was expecting a loooooong list of ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce and certainly couldn’t recognize. What I found was a short list of whole and mostly organic ingredients! Whole and organic ingredients are certainly not the trend in shake mixes and I am so grateful to see that there are better choices available. So that was test #1, great ingredients, next I wanted to know how it tasted!


My biggest complaint with shake mixes has to be the fact that they are usually gritty and they rarely taste like what they claim to taste like. I asked if I could sample the Vanilla Shake Mix, which claims to taste like an “old-fashioned milk shake”. As soon as it arrived in the mail I mixed a scoop up with a cold glass of coconut milk and gave it a try. I was VERY surprised to discover that it was super tasty! The powder is very fine and mixed up easily. There were no gritty pieces or chunks and I actually enjoyed the flavor. I’m no expert, but my guess is that the amazing ingredients are to thank for the authentic flavor.


Why would I choose Shake The Crave?

~ Would be perfect for first thing in the morning or an afternoon snack

~ Fantastic ingredients

~ Great flavor

~ Very affordable

If you are looking for a shake mix that will kick-start your weight loss, or keep it on track, I highly recommend Shake The Crave Shake Mix in both the Vanilla and Chocolate flavors! Request a FREE SAMPLE here!




  1. I might have to try these! Some shakes taste so… Chalky?? Just not yummy. This one looks yummy! And it would be easy to throw one together in the mornings on the go so *I* get something in my tummy too! :)
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