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Sleeping Newborn

When you have a baby, one of the biggest challenges is sleep. Some babies are naturally great sleepers, but some need a little more help! My daughters were pretty good little sleepers, or at least I remember it that way. My son on the other hand just never seemed to want to sleep for more than a few hours at a time! Even at 11 months he was nursing 2-3 times in a night! We finally got to a point where we realized that if we did not push him to sleep through the night, he just wasn’t going to EVER do it! We are fans of the Ferber method (although I have never read the book, we loosely applied the techniques with our oldest). Amazingly, our son was sleeping through the night pretty quickly! Here is what worked for us:


1) For a few weeks before the actually sleep training, I nursed him ONLY on one side instead of both sides when he woke up at night

2) We introduced the sippy cup with cow’s milk a few weeks before sleep training

Sleep Training:

1) I got up with Little Bruds when he cried, and offered him a drink from his sippy cup WITHOUT picking him up

2) After he took a drink (or if he refused) I laid him down, gave him his paci, covered him up and walked out

3) Wait 5-10 minutes to go back in (or whatever you are comfortable with)

4) Repeat

The true Ferber method calls for starting with a few minutes of letting them cry and gradually increasing that time each time you leave the room. I say do what works, if you are only comfortable letting your baby cry for two minutes, then go back in after two minutes! I think the most important thing is making it doable for yourself and your spouse, or you won’t stick with it. Little Bruds was a year old when we did the sleep training, and because we waited, it only took two nights for him to start sleeping through the night. And we are all much happier as a result. It was the right choice and method for our family! Maybe it will work for yours!


  1. I’m really bad at sleep training. We co-sleep normally until about 7 months and then I start putting them in their cribs for nap and play time during the day… and eventually get them sleeping at night time. I *try* letting them cry but I don’t succeed. Now this time, Baby Jack is 10 months old and still sleeping with us. I plan on moving him to a crib soon though. Somehow. Not sure how.
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  2. I hated sleep training. My husband insisted on it and since he doesn’t put his foot down about much when it comes to the children I was okay with it. It was especially hard on me. But we got through it and it has made bedtime so much easier for everyone.
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  3. Sleep training was not the best time in our house. I’m glad it’s over now, but I know a few ladies that would love these tips. I’ll pass them on, thanks for the post!
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  4. I am unable to let my babies cry – even for just 5 minutes – though I know it works well for some! So , we just go with whatever we’re comfortable with. Thanks for sharing!
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