Stained Glass Easter Egg Craft

Here is a fun Easter craft that is highly adaptable so that kiddos of all ages can enjoy!

You will need:

Contact Paper

Tissue Paper

Construction Paper

Glue Stick

Ribbon (Optional)


Stained Glass Egg 1


1) Cut out a 6 x 12 inch piece of contact paper and peel the backing off of half of it

2) Cut tissue paper into 1 inch pieces and stick to the contact paper

3) Peel off the other half of the contact paper and fold it over the tissue paper

4) Cut out a 7 x 7 inch piece of construction paper with an Easter shape cut out of the middle (egg, cross, bunny etc.)

5) Using a glue stick, glue the contact paper part to the back of the construction paper

6) Add a little ribbon bow if desired

7) Hang in the window!

Stained Glass Easter Egg 2


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