Teach Your Kids To Make Their Own Lunches {Free Printable}

It’s summer. Tis the season for mom-is-taking-it-easy. My new plan? Making my kids do chores and fix their own lunches. This isn’t the Hilton after all, and someday (God-willing) they are going to move out of my house and they will need some real-life skills.




I created a little road map for them to use when making lunches. The rules are pretty clear:

1. Roughly half of your lunch should include a mixture of fruits and veggies

2. The other half should be split between protein and carbs.

3. Mom must approve the plate before you can start eating.

4. Milk or water as a drink.

5. Clean up your mess and put your dishes in the sink.


So here is the thing, if you are planning on implementing something like this in your house, don’t forget that you have to do 3 things:

1. Teach them the skills (washing/cutting produce), using the microwave, etc. The first week or so is all about supervising and making sure that when you leave them to it, they can get it done!

2. TRUST that they are going to do an OK job and not hurt themselves. This is a tough one. It isn’t always going to be pretty, but you are building their skill set AND their self-confidence by letting them figure this out!

3. Keep the fridge and pantry stocked with the things they will need. Otherwise you will just end up doing it yourself!


Hint: Segmented kids plates are awesome for this, there is usually a LARGE section (fruits/veggies) and 2 SMALL sections (carbs/protein).


Here  is the free printable to help them remember their portions. Happy summer mamas!

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