Tie-dye Turkey

A little late, but the girls wanted to make turkeys for Thanksgiving and I wanted to do something a little different! We decided to make tie dye turkeys. For this craft you will need:


A coffee filter



Construction Paper



Depending on the age of your kiddos you may want to prep the turkey parts by cutting out a body (bowling pin shape), a beak, feet and waddle (that’s what that little wrinkly thing is called right?). While you are cutting, have kids color all over the coffee filter with different markers. The coffee filter does not need to be completely filled, as long as there are spots of color all over it should work great. Next, fold the filter in half once, twice, three times (it will look like a slice of pie). Dip the pointy end of the filter in water and let the water and colors spread all over the filter. You may have to help the water move across the filter with your fingers, the kids will LOVE this part. Unfold the filter and allow it to dry for fifteen minutes or so on a paper towel. Once the filter is dry the kiddos can glue on the body parts and decorate!


The finished product will look something like this.



Gobble gobble!

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