Upcycled Onesie Cold Pack {No Sew}

This nifty little DIY originated from a conversation I had with my sister-in-law about what to do with all the “special” baby clothes we have packed in tubs in the garage. I’m not having any more babies, I doubt my children will be very impressed by any of them, and frankly, they are taking up a lot of precious storage space! So why not make something useful out of them? Thus the idea was born. My plan is to come up with. and share with you, 10 different ways you can re-use your little ones “special” baby clothes (or any clothing for that matter).



Idea #1 is a cold pack, or boo-boo pack, that your little one will enjoy using. This is non-toxic and meant to be kept in the freezer. You could easily adapt this craft to make a rice pack which can be heated in the microwave (as long as you are using only 100% cotton – or your rice pack will catch fire).


~ Old onesie

~ Scissors

~ Sandwich baggie

~ Tape

~ Corn syrup

~ Small cup/glass


Step One: Lay the onesie on a flat surface and cut off the top and bottom sections, leaving just the part of the onesie that would cover the belly and chest.

Step Two: Cut slits that are about 1 1/2″ long and about 1/2 – 3/4″ apart along the top and bottom of the onesie. You will need to cut a slit up the side seam of the onesie as well, so that you can tie the end pieces.

Step Three: Tie corresponding pieces of fabric once and then twice, making a double knot. This is kind of like those fleece blankets where you tie the flaps of fabric all along the border.

Step Four: Open a sandwich baggie and put it inside your cup, folding the zipper part around the rim of the cup so that no corn syrup will get on the zipper. Fill sandwich baggie about halfway full with corn syrup.

Step Five: Squeeze all the air out of the Ziploc baggie, being careful not to spill any of the corn syrup. Fold the top half of the bag over, tap shut. It is a good idea to double bag this one, since the corn syrup will likely make a mess if the bag is popped.

Step Six: Insert the baggie into the open end of the onesie, tie all the flaps on the unfinished side.

Yay! You did it! Now just pop it in the freezer until the next time someone busts their head on the table, or smashes a finger in the closet. It’s already wrapped in fabric, so all you need to do is grab it and go. These also make a fun ice pack for your school age kiddos. They will have fun showing them off to their friends!


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