Upcycled Onesie Face Cloth {DIY}


Ok, here it is. The second installment of my how-to-reuse-old-baby-cloths obsession. This one is dedicated to my 21 month old, who is either incapable (or unwilling?) to eat without destroying his face with food. Baby wipes dry out his face, and wash cloths are even a little rough sometimes! So, what I did was cut up some old onesies of his, the really worn, soft, cotton ones, and have been using them as face cloths! They are the perfect size, thickness and are oh so soft! I keep a stack in my kitchen drawer and use one to clean up the whole mess.


I won’t insult you by giving blow by blow instructions. It is pretty simple and the pictures speak for themselves. To see my last Upcycled Onesie project, click here.

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