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It’s time for another update from the great northern plains! It’s been awhile since I last updated y’all on our Williston adventure, I have not done much blogging for the last few weeks. I was enjoying Christmas and New Year’s with the family! So here I am, sitting in front of the lap top, listening to the wind nearly topple our trailer over (we are expecting some serious snow over the next few days!), and I’m thinking it is time for an update.


Where did I leave off last time? Ah yes, we had just crammed all of our earthly possessions into a very small trailer and were looking around wondering what to do next! As the weeks passed, I slowly (it was painful) put all of our “stuff” away and tried to keep the kids busy. We were able to play outside on non-windy days for the first few weeks, so that was a nice break! Originally we had planned on homeschooling Fina, but after a few weeks of being home with us she decided that she wanted to go to a “real” school. As it turns out, because we live 7 miles outside of town, we were in the “country” school district. This means that Fina goes to school in a one school district (k-12 in one building) with 200 students total. This is a big change from her large school in Colorado. She enjoys it and hubby and I are happy that she is happy!


As for kitty-boo, she is somewhat bored without her daycare friends. It has been a challenge that I am learning to overcome. I really have to make myself stop and sit down and engage her in activities and games. We are continuing on with the preschool program that we started in Colorado, and she really enjoys it! She turned 4 in December and we had a Hello Kitty shindig and she loved it!!


Little Bruds is crazy. I’m serious, he is one crazy boy! Who knew that boys and girls could be so different, and at 9 months old?!? Since we have been up here he started crawling, cutting teeth and eating table food. It is so amazing to see him interacting with his sisters, they have so much fun together! And he has already learned the fine art of destroying everything that they are trying to do :-) I love it!


Hubby and I are doing well too. With every day that passes here, it is evident that we are in the right place. We do miss our family and friends a lot, some days it is overwhelming. But the path that God asks us to walk isn’t always the most comfortable one! Hubby is excelling at work and I am so very proud of him. His goal has always been to make it so that I didn’t have to work, so that I could just be at home focusing on our children. Although I have always been home with the kids, I have always had a “work from home” business (property manager, daycare). I am so blessed to wake up every morning and be able to dedicate the day to my children. But let’s face it, that includes a lot of housework, cooking and other “stinky” chores! We’ve been battling cabin fever with excursions to WalMart (seriously), trips to Sydney, Montana and church activities.



As far as the town goes, it is always an adventure! Here are some fun facts about Williston:

- The McDonald’s here is one of the busiest in the WORLD (Google it )

- Everyone here drives trucks and SUV’s (It is the most insane thing you will ever see, giant trucks are EVERYWHERE!)

- The semi’s drive right through town (not safe!)

- Oilfield workers have dirty bumper stickers on the backs of their work trucks (not all oilfield workers are pervs, but there are a few whose bumper stickers have made ME blush!)

- Housing here is ridiculously expensive (Check it out: http://nd.craigslist.org/apa/3535985268.html)

- Pepsi products are crazy expensive here ($7 for a 12 pack?)

- If it snows, it blows….literally. Every snowstorm here is a blizzard, even if “accumulation” is less than an inch. The drifts are unreal. That is me in the picture.

- “Williston Style” is a term we are attempting to coin. Hubby and I use it to describe anything that is done or put together poorly, something that is unsafe or¬†undesirable, you get the point. Feel free to use it also.

- The man to woman ratio here is somewhere around 50 to 1, if I had to guess.

- The airport has some serious organizational issues, ask my mom.

- The playground has a drilling rig teeter totter (see pic)



That’s a pretty good list. It’s really not that bad here, and the people that we have met and interacted with are really nice. Everything is dirty, I mean that everything is literally caked in mud, but you learn to see past all that. If I may get mushy for a second, it’s not about where you are, it is about who you are with. I love my husband just as much here in Williston as I did in Colorado. I may even love him more. We laugh just as much and just as loudly. My children are thriving and happy and we are actually spending more time together as a family. We are having fun, our life has slowed WAY down, and I fail to see how that is a bad thing. There may not be a Wendy’s or a Target here (it brings a tear to my eye) but having/doing/spending less has given me the clarity to see God working around me in amazing ways. I will be excited and relieved whenever our time comes to return to Colorado, but until then I cannot wait to see what is in store for us here, it has already been an incredible ride!





  1. Hmmm… You make this place sound… *Great*! ;) I’m glad that you are enjoying the time with your little family anyway! Can’t wait to have you back here in Colorado with us! ;)
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