Why We Have An EpiPen – Wordless Wednesday

Ahhhhh. What a week. On Tuesday Little Bruds (14 months) was pulling his sock off in the car, he was pulling so hard that when he got it off he punched himself in the eye and cried so hard that he passed out cold, head flopping, in his car seat. Seriously, who does that?!? On Wednesday I decided that it was time for him to try peanut butter. I made him a half sandwich with the tiniest smear of peanut butter on it. Two bites in and he was trying to scratch his tongue out of his face. The allergic reaction went so far as to cause facial swelling and a hoarse voice. Luckily we had children’s Benadryl on hand and we were able to stop it in its’ tracks! Our doc wanted to see him anyways and he had some blood work done as well as a prescription for an EpiPen. UGH. We will find out in a week if he is truly allergic and if he has any other food allergies.


Do you have any little ones with a peanut allergy? What advice do you have for me?


  1. The allergy thing is so scary- I am so glad he’s okay! &Poor thing hitting himself- he’s having such a rough week!
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  2. Aww. Always be on your guard. I’ll pray for him!
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  3. Boo. I’m sorry to hear he’s allergic. For my 4-year-old, we eventually stopped having to carry an epipen because he responds so well to Benadryl on the rare occasions he accidentally has something with peanuts that we have never had to give him an epipen (praise God!). Benadryl is definitely a life saver and is certainly preferable if it can prevent things from being bad enough for the epipen and ER. Have you considered using almond butter instead of peanut butter in your house while he’s still too little to know to not grab someone’s peanut butter sandwich? He’s probably too small for the dose now, but Benadryl is also sold in individually wrapped ready-spoon packs that have an individual liquid dose that’s ready to go. I keep one in my purse always and have used them on him several times. Praying for Little Bruds’ safety and that he’s not allergic to more things!

  4. wow, that’s just crazy. We’ve never had to deal with food allergies. My girls have recently started to deal with dairy and gluten issues. Glad you had that benedryl!
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  5. Oh gosh that had to be so scary for you mama. So glad he is ok!
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  6. Oh, that had to have been sooo scary! Glad you have epi pens – for thos JUST incase times
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  7. Poor kiddo! Thankful for epipens, they are a blessing when you need them. Hopefully he wont have a horrible allergy to them and you wont have to worry so much! <3
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  8. That is terrifying! I cannot imagine having to deal with a peanut allergy. I guess you just do if you have to. That is very scary. So far no allergies for my little ones. My best advice -coming from a mom with no allergies who has children with no allergies- would be to always keep an epipen on you at all times and be vigilant. But you probably already figured that out on your own.
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  9. How scary! Good thing the benedryl worked! And… I had one of my kids throw tantrums and cry til he passed out. weird. It was scary at first but then I got used to it.
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  10. Aw poor thing, wow!!!! PRAYING!!!
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