Yummy Organic Goodness With Stonyfield Yogurt Pouches #mc #sponsored

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I am not ashamed to say that I wish I was the person who invented the little baby food pouches. And I sincerely hope whoever did, patented them and made a trillion dollars. They have been LIFESAVERS for our family, especially with our 2 year old son, who has insisted on independently feeding himself since he could sit up. If it weren’t for the pouches, I’m not sure how I would have filled his little belly with so many healthy fruits and veggies!

And it gets better. Not only can you buy organic fruit and veggie pouches, but now, thanks to Stonyfield, you can buy organic refrigerated yogurt pouches! These little puppies are the first of their kind, and come in a variety of flavors and “stages”. As you can see, I have a secret collection of all three stages: YoBaby, YoToddler and YoKid.


My little guy goes for the YoBaby and YoToddler, but definitely prefers the strawberry flavor, and the bigger YoKid pouches are a hit with my big girls!


(don’t worry, we were not driving when I snapped this pic!)

And I am smitten with the fact that they are made with wholesome, organic ingredients, and do not contain in high fructose corn syrup (I’m a bit of a label junkie)!


These pouches are prefect for snack time on the go, picnics at the park and play dates with friends! The fact that they are refrigerated makes them especially appealing to teething babies! I’d have to say one of my favorite things about the Stonyfield Yogurt Pouches is that I know my children are getting a delicious and filling treat, with no artificial flavors.

You can check to see if Stonyfield Yogurt Pouches are sold in your area by clicking here.

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