5 Helpful Laundry Tips From A Laundry Hater


We all have our least favorite chores. For me it is laundry, hands down. The up side to hating laundry so much is that I have put much time and effort into trying to streamline the process and make it less painful. Here are my tried and true tips!

1. Get your kids involved. Kids are super smart, and they love pushing buttons on things, so training them to help with the laundry at a young age is obviously a brilliant idea. My 8 year old is my go-to laundry helper. She can wash, dry and fold a load from start to finish, and because she thinks it’s fun, she usually remembers to actually switch the loads over without having to re-wash them 42 times. To make it easier, I’ve marked the measuring cup for the soap with a Sharpie so she knows exactly how high to fill it. I also leave the washer settings in the same place no matter what I am washing so that she doesn’t have to worry about checking them.

2. Extra laundry baskets in strategic locations. I am guessing you probably have laundry baskets in every bedroom of your home. So do I. But I also have one at the top of the landing of the stairs that go down to the lower level. This is the same level that my kitchen and living room are on. I love being able to toss dirty kitchen towels and random clothing items I find strewn all over the house into that one basket. I try to make sure to empty it into the laundry room each evening. If you wanted to disguise it a little bit you could use a fancy wicker basket with a lid.

3. Set up a “folding area.” By far, the hardest part for me is putting laundry away after I have folded it. I don’t know why, but I have just learned to work around it by having a folding area where folded laundry can accumulate for a few days at a time before I put it away. Luckily, I have a folding counter in my laundry room, but if you do not, you could set up a card table with a table cloth in an unused area of the house. I’ll usually wash/dry/fold 3-4 loads of laundry before I put them away. I just keep stacking them on the folding table, according to owner, until they begin to topple over. That’s when I know it is time to put them away.

4. Have 2 sock buckets. Why are socks so difficult to keep track of? It is literally insane how many socks we have lost. To help with the madness I started using 2 sock buckets. The first is for mismatched socks, the ones that come through the washing and drying process without their mate. About once a month I go through the bucket and find all the reunited matches and toss the rest in the trash. The second bucket is for socks with a mate. I keep this bucket in the entry-way. This way when we are getting ready to leave the house I don’t have to send the kids back to their rooms to find socks (because they never think to grab them on their own!). The community sock bucket by the front door has been a life saver for us!

5. Stock up on laundry supplies. It seems like laundry soap and dryer sheets go on sale about once a month or every 6 weeks. If you are like me and stick to one particular brand (we use Ecos), you will want to stock up on those supplies when they go on sale. There is nothing worse than getting ready to do a super important load of laundry only to find that you are fresh out of soap! (By the way, I did not get paid to promote Ecos, I just seriously love their stuff and it truly is all we use).

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