Arms High And Heart Abandoned – Letting Go Of “Me”

So I'll Stand

I absolutely love this poster, and the song that it represents. This simple statement embodies everything that it means to be a disciple of Christ for me. Yet it also represents the single hardest thing for human beings to do. Abandoning our own hearts would mean letting go of fear, trusting in something we cannot see, forgetting earthly desires, and pushing aside pride. It would mean to put the mission of the Lord ahead of our own grand plans. This is tough. And I am going through it right now. It is so easy to be overwhelmed by the noise this world is making. Whether it be money, relationships, addictions or fame (and list goes on and on), we can be so easily distracted from our purpose in this life. We were created for a purpose, and not just “to be good.” We were each individually created with a unique purpose that only we can fulfill! To find that purpose is a treasure, to know that at the moment we were created, this is what God was planning for. Have you ever felt that longing in your heart, like something was missing? Have you ever wondered, what is this all for, what is the point? We were made to wonder, to question, to search. We were given a choice, to depend on our own knowledge and desires to navigate this world, or to abandon our hearts and follow God. Often times we think that as soon as we accept Jesus into our hearts we are free from daily struggles and choices, as though all of our “humanness” suddenly disappears. It can be a bit disappointing when we realize that we still have to make tough choices and that, yes, we often fail. But every tough choice, or troubling situation is an opportunity to re-commit ourselves to the One who gave it all. And a chance for Him to show up his deep love and compassion for us. And I truly believe that He always will.

You can listen to the song here.

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