Plastic Egg Paint Tray


OK, Easter is over, so why are there still so many plastic eggs laying around my house?!? I HAD to figure out a way to re-purpose them, here is one fun way! Supplies: Plastic Eggs Piece of cardboard Hot glue gun Decorative paper (optional) Instructions Step 1: Cut your piece of cardboard into desired shape Continue Reading …

DIY Hair Clips


My little girlies have some WILD hair! My youngest refuses to have it pulled back in a pony tail, so we usually sweep her bangs up and to the side with cutesy little hair clips. I recently came across all the supplies to make them myself and I was surprised at how inexpensive it was! Continue Reading …

Book & Craft: Horton Hears A Who


A fun way to add some dimension to reading time with your little ones is to make some crafts inspired by the book you are reading. Kids love repetition, they will enjoy reading and creating from the same book all week, I promise! Here are the crafts we made to go along with Horton Hears Continue Reading …

Easter DIY – Fun fun fun!

Easter DIY by kelley-montoya featuring a nail care Nail care DIY Love Eggs Easy Easter Bunny Marshmallow Pops Salted Caramel Popcorn Recipe | Easter Popcorn Recipe | Two Peas &… watercolor easter eggs Personalized Spill Proof Sippy Cup Easter Easter..Spring Easter

Stained Glass Easter Egg Craft

Stained Glass Egg 1

Here is a fun Easter craft that is highly adaptable so that kiddos of all ages can enjoy! You will need: Contact Paper Tissue Paper Construction Paper Glue Stick Ribbon (Optional) Scissors Steps: 1) Cut out a 6 x 12 inch piece of contact paper and peel the backing off of half of it 2) Continue Reading …

Igloo & Snow Globe (prepackaged crafts)

Igloo Supplies

My girls are fanatical about arts and crafts. It never fails that when I am in the middle of cooking dinner or nursing Little Bruds, they come running up, “Mom! Mom! Can we maaaaake something?” After several of these occasions I came up with the prepackaged craft. Every week or so I sit down and Continue Reading …

Tie-dye Turkey

Thanksgiving craft.

A little late, but the girls wanted to make turkeys for Thanksgiving and I wanted to do something a little different! We decided to make tie dye turkeys. For this craft you will need:   A coffee filter Markers Glue Construction Paper Scissors   Depending on the age of your kiddos you may want to Continue Reading …