Taste Test {Wordless Wednesday}


This week during science we learned about the tongue, the different tastes, and the areas of the tongue that “taste” each one. I set up a fun taste test for the girls; they had to taste each thing, write down what they tasted, and then decide whether it was bitter, sweet, sour or salty. They Continue Reading …

Help Me Makeover My Lamp {Wordless Wednesday}


Help! I have this ugly lamp and it needs a makeover! Gimme your best ideas!

Broncos Cake {Wordless Wednesday}

Yes, I know they lost, but it wasn’t a total loss, I got to make (and eat) this delicious and festive cake!

Stormy Rainbow – Wordless Wednesday


We have had some crazy storms up here lately! A couple of tornados and lots of lightning and thunder! After one of the storms I snapped this picture of a rainbow. It was huge!

Family Feet At The Fair {Wordless Wednesday}

This week we went to the fair and I wanted to take a cute picture of all of our feet in a circle. This is what we ended up with.

Oopsy! – Wordless Wednesday

If you were living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 kids, wouldn’t you think that getting a puppy was a GREAT idea?!? We did too! Meet our newest little guy! What should we name him?

Big Tractors – Wordless Wednesday


Little Bruds is obsessed with heavy equipment right now, or as we call them, “tractors”. He even makes the tractors noises, so cute! Last week they had tractor week at the library and he actually got to see some up close! I couldn’t even get him to turn around for a picture.

A Real Kitchen – Wordless Wednesday


This last weekend we MOVED! This is our second time in 8 months. We are still in company housing in Williston, but we went from a trailer to an apartment. And guess what?!? I have a real kitchen now!! With a dishwasher!!!

So Proud Of My Sisters – Wordless Wednesday


In May we went back to Colorado to visit family and, most importantly, celebrate my sisters’ high school graduations. I wanted to take the opportunity to tell the whole world how proud I am of all their hard work and accomplishments (and maybe embarass them a little)!