Favorites From Facebook – Wordless Wednesday


Here are some more of my favorite posters from Facebook, if there are any repeats from last time, I apologize, sometimes I think my marbles are lost. Enjoy

Mother’s Day Art – Wordless Wednesday


My girls spent the better part of Sunday morning collaborating on a dry erase masterpiece for me for Mother’s Day. What did you get for Mother’s Day?

Why We Have An EpiPen – Wordless Wednesday


Ahhhhh. What a week. On Tuesday Little Bruds (14 months) was pulling his sock off in the car, he was pulling so hard that when he got it off he punched himself in the eye and cried so hard that he passed out cold, head flopping, in his car seat. Seriously, who does that?!? On Continue Reading …

Organized Laundry Nook – Wordless Wednesday


A few weeks ago I organized my laundry nook, one of only two “storage” areas in our tiny home! What do you think?

Cookie Monster Cupcake – Wordless Wednesday


A few weeks ago we celebrated Little Bruds first birthday! We went for a Sesame Street/Cookie Monster theme. I made Cookie Monster Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! For Little Bruds “smash cake” I simply made the Cookie Monster cupcake with blue homemade whipped cream as the frosting. He loved it!!

Wordless Wednesday – Homemade Pie


A few nights ago I made a homemade apple-peach pie (with scratch-made crust) and it was just too pretty not to share!  

Wordless Wednesday – Favorite Postcards


You know those super funny (and sometimes inspiring) little postcards and sayings that get passed around on Facebook? I love them! Here are a few of my recent favorites!

Wordless Wednesday – Dress-up!


“Look Mom!” Ahhh these two little munchkins crack me up. On this day they found some Star Wars masks at Target that they just had to try on!

Wordless Wednesday – Phenomenal Frost


Every morning when I go out to start the car before I take Fina to school, I am always unsure as to what I am going to find. Sometimes it is super windy, sometimes the sunrise is awesome, and sometimes my van is covered in a thick layer of frost. This last week I was Continue Reading …