DIY Foaming Face Wash

Ahhhhhhh…..!!! There are SO MANY skincare products on the market. They all claim to be anti-wrinkle, pore-defining, acne-stopping or some other promise. Let’s not forget the “all-natural” group which claims to be super skin healthy, yet has an ingredient list 7 miles long….most of which cannot be pronounced by humans. What do I want? I want a face wash that CLEANS my face, DOESN’T dry it out, and makes my skin FEEL and LOOK good. Seriously people. And I also don’t want to spend $19 million to acquire this mysterious face wash.

So what did I do? I started making my own. It’s revolutionary…I am telling you – give it a shot, let me know what you think.


Cost-wise, here is what you are looking at:

30 drops essential oils: roughly $15

1/2 cup castile soap: roughly $2

Empty foaming hand soap container: $2-ish (If you buy the ones at the grocery store, use the soap in it, then rinse and re-use!)

OK, so you are looking at about $20 worth of face wash here, I get that it isn’t dirt cheap! However, it IS foaming and will last a long time – I’d say a month or so if used daily! Annnnddddd… has 5 ingredients, including the water. The essential oil component is a bit of an investment, I will admit that, but once you have them you will use them for all types of things besides just this face wash.

OK, so here is the ingredient list – and how to make it. There’s also a cool little video that walks you through it (bonus – you don’t have to see my face OR hear my voice).


- 1 empty foaming hand soap container

- Essential oils: Tea Tree, Lavender, Frankincense

- Castile Soap (I get the Dr. Bronners from Target)

- Water


To Make:

- Fill container 1/4 full of castile soap

- Add 10 drops of each essential oil

- Fill the rest of the way with water (leave room for the pump)

- Gently shake! (You may need to shake every so often to keep it mixed up properly)



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