Holiday Travel Unstoppable Mom Style

I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour for The Motherhood on behalf of the makers of Children’sĀ MOTRIN and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

It’s no secret, holidays are a little crazy around these parts. We are usually travelling to at least one out of state family gathering, and participating in lots of festivities around this time of year. We absolutely love spending time with family, there really is no replacement for sitting around the table with loved ones at a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast.

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With three young children, we often find ourselves coming up with new and creative ways to stay sane during this time. In honor of the makers of Children’s MOTRIN and their Unstoppable Moms campaign, here are my tips and tricks for holiday travel with children!

1) Busy bags for the car or plane – If you don’t know what a busy bag is, you are going to thank me later. If you do know what they are, you will understand how valuable they can be! Either way, hop on over to Pinterest and search for busy bag ideas and you will find a ton! They are often free or cheap to make, and can be easily adjusted for different age levels. If you are travelling specifically around the holidays, you may want to make special “seasonal” busy bags to help your kiddos get in the holiday spirit!

2) Printables for the car or plane – This is sort of on the same wave length as the busy bags, but printables made specifically for travel are often a hit with older kids and require no mess or money! You can find everything from car bingo, to travelling scavenger hunts, to tic-tac-toe and hangman!

3) Pack the essentials – These are my must haves for travelling with kiddos!

- Baby wipes

- Grocery sacks for trash

- Puke cup(s) (if you don’t have children that get car sick, I envy you! Sometimes Dramamine doesn’t cut it…)

- Extra batteries/chargers for whatever devices they are playing on

- Dum dum suckers (or as I call them “shut-em-uppers”)

- Extra set of clothes that is easily accessible for everyone

- Pillows/blankets

- Books/video games/movies (I tend to not pack toys because they usually don’t get played with and just take up valuable space. Unless of course you are staying somewhere without toys, in which case you might want to bring a set of legos or Polly Pockets).

4) Bring lots of snacksĀ - This one is obvious right? But I always seem to under pack when it comes to snacks in the car, they are bored so they want to eat. Simple snacks like dry cereal, applesauce pouches, goldfish and bananas are usually a hit, and not extremely messy! Don’t forget to being water bottles, but be careful how much they drink or you will be making a lot of stops!

5) Wear slip-on shoes- No matter if you are flying or driving, your life will be unbelievably less frustrating if you aren’t fighting shoes laces every time someone needs to go potty at the gas station or has to remove their shoes at security.


I think that about wraps it up as far as travelling tips go, if you’d like to know more about the Unstoppable Moms campaign from the makers of Children’s MOTRIN, you can check them out on Facebook. Don’t miss out on your chance to enter their weekly $100 sweepstakes.* Each week Kelly Ripa will ask a video question about staying unstoppable; post your answer in the comments and be entered to win! For each comment posted, $1 will be donated to Safe Kids.

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