Homemade, all natural facial toner (that works!)

I’m going to tell you a little fun fact about myself: I like things that are simple. Simple recipes, simple lifestyle, simple faith. I absolutely LOVE homemade, because there are fewer ingredients, I can pronounce them all, and….it’s cheaper!

This is a homemade and simple facial toner that I just started using. So far I absolutely LOVE it. It has 5 ingredients, will last a very long time, and makes my skin feel incredibly smooth and clean!

I am using this daily, along with my sugar scrub, and I will be updating in a few weeks with results.




Homemade Facial Toner

2 ounces witch hazel

10 drops Melaleuca Essential Oil

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

10 drops Purification Essential Oil

10 drops Frankincense Essential Oil


Combine all ingredients in a small glass jar or other container. (Side note: this should be stored in a glass container, essential oils will eat through plastic containers).


Apply 1-2 times daily with a cotton ball.

You could also get a pack of circular cotton pads, stack them in a canning jar, and pour this mixture over them to make your own facial cleaning pads!

I do not use a moisturizer with this, the witch hazel works just fine on its own for me! {Works great with my homemade honey sugar scrub!}



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