Igloo & Snow Globe (prepackaged crafts)

My girls are fanatical about arts and crafts. It never fails that when I am in the middle of cooking dinner or nursing Little Bruds, they come running up, “Mom! Mom! Can we maaaaake something?” After several of these occasions I came up with the prepackaged craft. Every week or so I sit down and stuff a couple of freezer bags with all the materials needed to make a few different crafts. I try to do something seasonal and I usually make sure there is something “fun” in the bags, like glitter glue or stickers. Here are the two prepackaged crafts that I made this week.



What you will need:

Construction Paper






What you do:

Cut a simple igloo shape from construction paper (I usually make enough for my girls to be able to do the craft at least twice)

Using the ruler, draw “ice cubes” onto different colors of construction paper (not the same color as igloos)

*If your children are too young to use scissors you will need to cut the cubes out for them*

Stuff the igloos, cube sheets, glue stick and scissors into a freezer bag


Snow Globes:

What you will need:

White copy or construction paper

Black (or any color) construction paper

Stickers (to create scenery in the snow globe)


Glitter Glue (to act as the snow floating around inside)

Q-tips (to spread glitter glue)


What you do:

Using a bowl or other large circle shape object, trace a circle onto the white paper and cut out

Cut out a “base” for the snow globes on the black construction paper

Stuff everything into the freezer bag




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