I’m So Glad God Invented Coffee Because My Two Year Old Doesn’t Want To Go To Bed

The title pretty much sums it up.

My two year old son has abruptly decided that bedtime is the absolute worst possible thing that could be happening to him at the moment. Where bedtime used to consist of reading board books, snuggles and a few songs, it is now a combination of WWE wrestling moves and Tarzan-like screaming.

Initially we thought, he must be teething, let’s give him some Motrin. Now, several nights later, we have ruled out these possibilities:

~ Teething

~ Growing pains

~ Hand-foot-mouth disease

~ Excessive thirst

~ Stomach ache

~ Attachment problems

~ Nightmares

~ Being afraid of the dark

~ Did aliens abduct our real child?

We have literally discussed each of these possible causes somewhere between bedtime (8:00 p.m.) and midnight (because he is still sporadically screaming in his bed).

We have come to the conclusion that our sweet little angel is simply throwing a MASSIVE and EXTENDED temper tantrum. He really just doesn’t want to go to bed, and in his infinite stubbornness, he thinks he will succeed in getting us to let him out of bed. Too bad for him I basically have a Master’s Degree in Suppernanny and I have been channeling my inner Jo Frost for the last few nights. I WILL WIN THIS BATTLE!

But I am reminded during this uber stressful time of something my friend’s mom said once. We were talking about being young moms and having a houseful of kids and she said, “You guys will look back on this time and think, how did I get through that? But you will also remember it as the greatest time in your life.”

As I am typing this I have tears in my eyes (partially from sleep deprivation), because I believe her words to be true. Some day my husband and I will be sitting in bed, in a quiet house, talking about the craziest and most amazing time of our lives. I am so lucky to be living it RIGHT NOW. Even if it doesn’t always feel like that.

Take heart mamas, no matter what craziness you have going on right now, time will pass, phases will change, and we WILL remember this time in our lives as a time when we were needed, cherished, loved, smothered, snuggled and TIRED. And we will wish that we could have just 5 minutes of that time back and feel the JOY of young motherhood again.

I encourage all of us to spend more time lifting each other up and less time putting each other down. Grab a cup of coffee, text another mom and tell her you think she is doing a great job. Tell yourself you are doing a great job. And believe it.

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