Stand Up Against LBL With Poise Thin-Shape Pads And #RecycleYourPeriodPad



Motherhood has changed me in several ways, some for the better, some for the worse! Physically speaking, I have noticed two major changes in my body: the “pooch” around my mid-section (working on that now!) and a reduction in bladder control. It is not uncommon for me to squeeze my legs together when I sneeze, and I strategically avoid activities that involve lots of jumping! It seems to me a most common, and cruel, side effect of pregnancy, and most of my mommy friends can unfortunately sympathize. So just what is the deal with this bladder weakness? Did you know it actually has a name: LBL (Light Bladder Leakage).


Here is the skinny on LBL:

~ 1 in 3 women experience it

~ Weak pelvic floor muscles, pregnancy, weight gain and child-birth are some of the most common causes

~ LBL often occurs while laughing, coughing, sneezing and exercising

So just what are we women to do about our LBL? Hide in our bathrooms? Pack extra clothes? Wear a period pad? NO!


I recently discovered Poise Thin Pads and it was the first time I realized that period pads ARE NOT designed for LBL, they were designed for periods! The Poise Pads are designed specifically for women living with LBL. They are designed with the utmost comfort and reliability in mind. They move with your body, and they are thin and super absorbent.

Where does that leave your period pads? Before you throw them in the trash, how about getting creative and recycling them? Here are some fun ideas for using your period pads when cleaning around the house!


How will you #RecycleYourPeriodPad? I’d love to hear your ideas below! Don’t forget to snag your FREE sample of Poise Pads HERE!


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