Supplementing Our Homeschool Reading Lessons With Rosetta Stone’s Kids Reading #RSKids #MC #sponsored

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In case you did not know, we are a homeschool family. We did not always know that we wanted to homeschool our children, so our oldest spent 2 years in public school before we pulled her out. She learned to read during her time in public school, and from where we were sitting, it seemed to be a simple and painless process. At that time I had sorely underestimated how much work our teachers put into teaching our little ones to read. My middle daughter started her Kindergarten lessons this year and her ability to read sits squarely on my shoulders. The weight of that burden is unbelievably scary, and yet the joy of her small successes is unlike anything I have ever known. 

Along our homeschool journey I have learned one invaluable lesson: once a child learns to read they can learn ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE. The things my 8 year old reads about (and remembers) are astonishing. She has schooled me more than once in our daily discussions and on several occasions at the zoo and aquarium. A new reader is a learning machine, the hardest part is teaching them to read in a way that encourages a love for reading.
Although we do most of our lessons from “real” books (I am a little traditional like that), I like to use interactive computer-based programs as secondary learning resources in order to keep it exciting and fun. We were recently given the opportunity to test out Rosetta Stone’s Kids Reading Program for my kiddos and I have to say, so far I love it! The program is designed specifically for children ages 3-7, although my 2 and 8 year olds both have profiles and really enjoy using the program. They make it easy to customize each profile for specific reading skills and needs which makes it so that I can make sure they are learning new things without getting frustrated or bored.
I have been using Rosetta Stone’s Kids Reading Program as an incentive for them to get their schoolwork done each day, then they each get about 20 or 30 minutes of computer time. They love it because it is colorful and easy to navigate, I love it because it challenges them without them even realizing that they are doing “schoolwork.” I am very pleased that there are lots and lots of lessons available, and that program seems to present the lessons in small, repetitive doses until the student has mastered the skill. If I were that persistent my kids would be irritated with me, but because it is a “game” they don’t seem the least bit bothered by it!
The bottom line is that I strongly recommend this program to any parents looking to provide a rich reading program to supplement what is already being taught at home or school. You can go here to download a free demo for the first level of the program.

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